Dear guests and participants,

ReTES international conference is one way of ‘doing’ geography at University of Bucharest. Faculty of Geography is organizing the 2020 edition aiming to cover a wide range of topics and themes driven by the changing paradigm: Geography is about ‘space’ and ‘place’. Geography is about human and economic development in 3D spatial transformations: density, distance and division. Geography is also about the world not being flat in the same way society it is not even! Does this mean that Geography could shape spatial destinies?

The conference aims to stimulate debate concerned with the challenges of territorial changes, territorial re-composition or recomposing territories. It also aims debating environmental issues concerned with policies that can be better understood and applied towards developing society through the perspective of sustainably balancing ‘spatiality’. Economic, social and political issues run through space. They produce different and differentiated spaces by changing the ‘geography of space’ as a result of heterogeneous networks of interrelated factors and actors. These aspects can only be identified through deeply tracing these networks. Spatiality is therefore embedded in the network of actors and factors. Hence ‘place’ gains emphasis particularly to help understanding 21st Century societies.


Thematic Pillars

1. Physical and Human Landscapes in Urban and Rural Areas

2. Weather, Water and Climate: living sustainable, spatial disparities and persisting divisions

3. Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Sustainable Resource Management: concentrations, convergence and integration

4. Geography, Globalization and Smart Development

5. Teaching Geography: Trends, Frontiers and Barriers


Against our best hopes that the circumstances around the COVID-19 spread would improve and allow us to meet face to face, we are unfortunately in the position to announce that the 2nd International Conference on Re-shaping Territories, Environment and Societies: New Challenges for Geography (ReTES) organized by the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest will be held online between November 20 – 21. Hoping you will find ReTES challenging and of scientific interest, we look forward to connecting to you! Please follow our website for continuous updates.

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